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Board of Directors

Pastor Ceradieu serves as the senior Pastor  and founder of Pentecostal Church of God, a multicultural church located off of Rio Grande in Orlando FL.  He is originally from Haiti and moved to the United States over 30 years ago. Prior to serving as Chairman for the organization, Pastor Ceradieu Dor spent over 20 years during missionary work and providing food assistance for the people in Picmy La Gonave. ​


Pastor Ceradieu Dor


Mrs. Jay Dor, wife of Pastor Ceradieu Dor and native of Savannah Georgia. She has served as the Youth Director and currently serve as the Superintendent of the Sunday School  at Pentecostal Church of God. Prior to serving as Co-Chairman for the organization, while living  in Savannah, Mrs. Dor spent over 20 years doing community outreach and charitable work at the Faith, Love and Holy Outreach Center for the homeless, founded by Evangelist Alfreda Johnson. Helping and giving your life in serving others was a lesson that she learned at home and growing up.

Mrs. Jay Dor​

Esthere François

Finance Director


Esthere François is a passionate young leader with a love for people, children and caring for the need of others. Esthere's passion varies from charitable work, couseling and finances becuase it helps provide the lack of needs. She is a graduate from the  University of Central Florida where she studied Health Service Administration. She currently works at 4C- Community Coordinated Care for Children while managing the finance of  the organization.  ​

Wadson St. Pierre

International Relations


Wadson St. Pierre is father of over 50 children who live in the state and abroad. Wadson has a large family with many children without fathers but because of Wadson, it's like the children from his family had always had a father. Wadson took the sole responsibility for all of them, helping to provide for their day to day needs. In addition, he pay schooling for 15 students in his hometown every year and the need to sponsor more children is forever increasing. He travels to Haiti yearly to distribute food for the poorest of the poor in Haiti. ​

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