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With all the turmoil in Haiti, yet the children of our graduating class still believe that they have a future. Today, join with them in faith, persistence and putting the Love of Jesus into action. By your donation of only $30 a month, you can help to bring hope and opportunities in a child's future.
Help us to achieve the goal of 
120 new children sponsors. 

"Education is a valuable tool that can change lives, not only for the children, but the surrounding communities with opportunities and jobs"

The school began inside of the Church, as the years increase, so did the children. Now, at this time, the school is in a separate building and the need is increasing more.

Sponsor a teacher for only $120 a month
or make a one-time donation

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Sponsor a Teacher
Teachers all over the world are amazing people, they give of themselves more than we can ever pay them for doing. 
Agape Academie teachers are the same as well. They make the daily journey up a mountain to bring education to this community.
Help them continue to change the lives of the children and families of this community.
E  M  P  O  W  E  R  M  E  N  T
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Some of our wonderful children in
Agape Academie (K-6th grade)

At Agape Acdemie, the children receive a free education though sponsorship. Through the years Agape Academie has helped hundreds and hundreds of children to have a better future.


In addition, Agape Academie is a source of employment provided to the community: teachers, maintenance workers and buildering jobs. 


At the beginning, in our small Church/School there was a limited number of children that we were able to help. But through the years and as the increase of children expanded, so did the need for more sponsorship in order to accommodate more kids. A project to build a school to help more children, was put into process. (See Home page at bottom for school history), 

The symbol for Agape Academie is the Eagle, because we teach the children, "to aim high, it does not matter where you start from, but where you finished."



Become a sponsor today,
in the Love of God,
help these small ones,
to soar high.

Screenshot 2022-09-10 122932.png
Ms. Jacques and some of her graduating class.
Screenshot 2022-09-10 122932.png
Your donation will help meet the much-needed supplies for classrooms and offices.



You can change the life of a child in Picmy 1, Haiti!

If you have been looking for a way to really affect a child's life and to know that you have made that difference. When you partner with UCAH, you will reach an area where the majority of Missions have yet to reach and help a child to know that we hear their heart's cry.


Agape Academy is in the mountain range of Picmy 1 La Gonave, 2 hours by torn roads trip, your donations will go to them and demonstrate that the love of Christ has no limits for reaching them.

Help A child get an education, your Donation covers:

Tuition fees

Your donation helps to demonstrate the Love of God to change a child's life, their family and their community. 

Fill out your information and donate to start helping.

Thank you for your Support

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