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"Love finds a way to help bring about the changes that are needed."

Outside of the Church School / a make shift room was added to accommodate more children to learn.  2015


Inside of the School in the New Building 2017

We need your help of love by either sponsoring a child for $30 month or a ONE TIME Donation, can help more children to have a better future.

The Impact of the Church and the School

For six years, the school had been inside of the Church and made a great impact in the community as well. UCAH provides Spiritual and educational growth not only to the children, but also to the families in the community. The School/Church had been a place of hope as well as a shelter in the times of emergency when they didn't have a place to stay. Now, the children currently attend school in the new building while service continues in the church. 


The Church/School has been a place used to allow Medical Mobile Team that came to the area to provide health services to the children in Picmy 1 as well as others in the community.

The Church/School has also been used as a place to accomplish the mission that Christ has sent us to do: to feed the hungry, clothed the naked and give a stranger a place to stay.

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