Love is forever smiling, seeing Love always put a smile on my face every time she comes across my path. Love is a six year old, adorable little girl. She has two other sisters and a brother. She is very playful and jolly, always making and leaving a mark and influencing the other children around her. Looking at Love, the one phrase that comes to my mind is “you cannot always tell the effects of poverty from the face of a child.” When we think of poverty, we think of misery and being lifeless, but being around and in the midst of the children in Picmy, I learned a different meaning to poverty and having to do without. Everything can be conquered with a heart that always smiles. I remember the day when I was unpacking the dresses that were sent to the children, Love entered the room, after receiving her dress she asked if she could put it on now, I said yes. These dresses were sown and donated by a group of ladies from “Dress a Girl”. Trying to put the dress over the clothing she was already wearing, became difficult to her, I told her she has to take them off first, “ok I will do that” she said in a calm soft spoken voice. Once the dress was on she look down upon herself and said, “I look pretty.” Yes you do I said back to her, the smile in her eyes, the joy in her voice and the gratefulness of having one new dress to wear and upon which I am certain will be shared with others in her family, filled the whole room. Going to Haiti has affected many lives, and isn’t that what love always does, once we come in contact with it, it changes us forever. Your love of giving to UCAH will affect Love for the rest of her life and I can say, that Love has affected my life in the most wonderful amazing way forever.

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