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 Haitian Kreyol English Missionary Book

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 $9.99 Hardback

This is a this great tool to help you on your next Missionary Trip to Haiti.


This book will help if you are a missionary or organization going to Haiti or any countries that has Haitian Kreyol speaking individuals. 

Topics covers the main areas on a mission trip:
*Introduction Conversations
*Kreyol Church Phrases used in Worship Service
*Evangelizing Ministry Phrases
*Medical Team Ministry Questions and Vocabulary
*Construction Ministry, words and phrased needed when building

Ex: Church phrase

Beni soit L'eternal / Bless the Lord
Leve men ou alor/ Lift your hand up

Ex: Evangelizing  Ministry Phrases
Jezu renmen ou/ Jesus loves you
Eske mwen ka priye avek you? Can I pray with you?





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